005 Series Cabinet - Pre - Configured With Front and Rear Doors and Side Panels - Australian Made

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For ease of use, we have preconfigured our 005 series cabinet. We have included this Cabinet with Front & Rear Metal Vented Doors fully lockable, Removable Side Panels with Locks & Plinth Base.

This series of Cabinets forms is one of our top selling models. While they are both aesthetically pleasing and versatile, all versions of similar height and depth may be readily bayed together, further enhancing the visual of these units.

This series is highly customisable so that the customer can select only the required features and buy only what they need.

This series demonstrates quality, coupled with innovative and functional design.

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Heights : 12, 18, 27, 33, 39, 42 and 45 (RU)
Depths : 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 (mm)
Widths : 600, 700 and 800 (mm)

For ease of use, we have preconfigured our 005 series cabinet. We have included this Cabinet with Front & Rear Metal Vented Doors fully lockable, Removable Side Panels with Locks & Plinth Base.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia for wire management applications, the S005 cabinet has demonstrated its versatility by becoming Rack World Systems most popular range.   

Flexibility is the key feature with this, enabling the customer to integrate and design their exact needs. It can be configured as a 4 post Open Server Rack or enclosed as a secured Server Cabinet for additional security.

Supplied fully assembled with following components. All Open Racks or Configured Cabinets are supplied with a Vented Roof, Built in Plinth with open base and are delivered fully assembled. Flat pack options are available upon request.
Suitable: For Network Communications, AV and Security equipment.
  • Accepts 2 types of mounting angles.
  • Removable bottom trims at front and rear allows cable access when through the floor entry is not available.
  • Bolt down holes in the base
  • Levelling feet brackets for optional levelling feet.
  • Grille top panel with cable entry port.
  • Side panels may be removed when cabinets are to be bayed up
  • Flush rear panels can be used as an alternative to doors. 
  • Fixed mounting angles are recessed 75mm front and 75mm at rear.
  • Adjustable 19" mounting angles can be positioned anywhere within the confines of the frame or cabinet.
  • Snap on side panels and key lockable.
  • Leveling feet.
  • Flush doors at the front and rear mounted on lift-off hinges.  The doors have a full 180 degree swing and are fitted with central key locks or optional magnetic catches.
  • Doors available in Glass, Acrylic or Metal plain doors or Vented door versions.
  • Roof fans tray 2, 4, or 6 with with or without thermostat.
  • Extra ventilation with grille trims that can be fitted and increased air-flow with used with additional plinth fan unit.
  • Castor Wheels can be fitted with or without brakes.  They only add 20mm to the overal height.  Wheels cannot be used in conjunction with plinth fan unit.  All castors are fitted with heavy-duty ball bearings.
  • Bilocks may be specified where added security is a requirement.  They can be keyed to a series with a masterkey and can be fitted to all sides and doors.
  • Multipoint locking for increased security.  The standard centre lock flag is retained and is coupled to rods which lock the top and the bottom of the door.  Security with both the signle point and multipoint systems can be further upgraded by the addition of Bilock or similar locks.
  • Lifting Eyebolts are available.  This option must be specified at time of ordering.  The eye-bolt mounting feature provides an M10 threaded captive nut in each top corner of the cabinet.  These can also be utilised to support overhead cable trays, fibre optic ducts etc.  M10 threaded rod, screwed into the captive nuts and secured with lock nuts provide the connection for the cable tray support.
  • 19" Accessories available.  Configure your open rack or enclosed cabinet with our huge range of 19" rackmount accessories to maxsimise your investment.