AU PDU 10amp Vertical

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AU PDU 10amp Vertical
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Vertical Power Board

Fitted with up to 24, 10amp Australia Style power outlets, a 10amp overload circuit breaker and a 2.5m lead with a 10amp Australian power plug.

The outlets are arranged with 6 in one row with access to the circuit breaker.

Available in the following heights:

18RU - 6 Points

27RU - 12 Points

39RU - 18 Points

45RU - 24 Points

We also offer a large range of configurations including but not limited to:

  • IEC Plugs

  • Screw Lock Plugs

  • Dual Polarity to Multiple Circuits

  • Individually switched and every different socket and plug combination you can think of.


The vertical Power Boards are available in 4 differenct lengths and are designed for quick mounting to any cabinet.

From 18RU (6 Outlets) up to 45RU (24 Outlets), the power rail is supplied fully wired with a 2.5m lead and fitted with a standard Flat Pin Plug. (Screw Lock Plugs available). A 10amp circuit breaker is fitted as standard on the Australian version only and is certified by the Chief Electrical Inspector. Built to Australian conformance and certified.

The Vertical Power Distribution Unit has been designed to accommodate AC adaptors or voltage transformers. The sockets are angled at 45 Degrees to minimise any overlap of plug-in transformers thus ensuring maximum use of the panel.

Customised PDU's can be ordered as per customer requirements with different type plugs and amperage. Available in 4 different heights ranging from 8 to 20 Outlets. Contact a Sales rep with your requirements.

MATERIAL: Zincanneal G2S Steel AS365 / AS397:200 Aluminium Extrusion Black Anodized PCB mounted 10amp power Australian

OUTLETS: PCB 10amp Circuit Breaker 2.5m 10amp power lead and plug

FINISH: Interpon D1000 Polyester Powder Coat

MANUFACTURED TO: AS3100 and AS3105 requirements COLOUR: Sable Black Tx