SEIFERT Air Conditioners

Keeping computer equipment at a consistent temperature and humidity point is a critical to ensuring less downtime in your IT infrastructure.


When a server environment becomes too hot, equipment can easily overheat, causing the data being stored or supported by the system to be lost. This could spell disaster for an organization that counts on this information to perform business functions and capabilities.

The Seifert range of air conditioners is available for use in conjunction with a Rack World Systems Industrial cabinet / electrical enclosures. All holes required for mounting the Air Conditioner are incorporated during the manufacturing process, thus ensuring precision fitting and NO unpainted edges and producing a fully sealed environment for maximum protection.

We have a vast range of sizes to suit different solutions starting from 320 Watts to 4000 Watts.


These are available in powder coat finish or stainless-steel finish.

When used with RWS range of Industrial Cabinets and mounted externally, IP54 (Ingress Protection) is maintained for dust and moisture. Maximum dust and moisture protection rating for these units is IP54.

The ideal place to install an IP54 rack with a Seifert Air conditioner is in it’s own room, warehouse, or outdoors as the noise level from the Air Conditioner is around 80 plus decibels. So, it is not recommended for a mixed room environment.

The Seifert range although recommended for use with our 080 Industrial cabinet can also be used on other IP54 rated cabinets as long as the seals are in good order. You will need to make the necessary modifications to the side panels to accommodate the units.

The units are available in our Compact, Slimline and Roof Top Series.

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