Taking a Look at the Features of the Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet

With a recent rise in demand for comfortable and practical working spaces, more and more corporate spaces, agencies and firms are choosing to use 19” rack mounted cabinets. In particular, many are opting for the impressive and highly sought after Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet – one of the most popular noise-reducing cabinets on the market.

This blog post takes a look at some of the most impressive features of the Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet.

The Aesthetics

People sometimes steer away from cabinets in working spaces due to fear that they might negatively impact the look of an office. However, the Acoustic Z-G6 is typically considered to be one of the sleeker models, able to de-clutter an office while reducing sound and providing thermal management.

Other appearance features include:

  • A welded enclosure using galvanised steel to ensure complete sophistication and sturdiness
  • 19” Rails that are fully adjustable
  • Available in a powder coated finish in standard and customisable colours
  • Options for the Acoustic Z-G6 in stainless steel finish
  • Constructed with metal solid or a glazed front door, with special acoustic glass that allows you to view into the cabinet
  • Front and rear opening doors to allow easy access for servicing and installing your equipment.

The Practical Stuff

Beyond looking good and contributing to a more comfortable, flexible and impressive office space for both workers and guests, the Acoustic Z-G6 is also highly practical and considered to be one of the best cabinets when it comes to noise-reducing and thermal management capabilities.

Here are some more of the practical features:

  • Has a weight capacity of a static load of 1000kg
  • Reduce dB noise levels by up to 80dB dependant on equipment installed. Nb. Tested at 100dB a reduction of 43dB levels was achieved during testing
  • Air flow capacity of 640CFM to remove unwanted heat within the cabinet
  • Constructed with sound absorbing material that doesn’t release harmful chemicals when opened in the working space (this is particularly important for building safe offices)
  • Features an exterior locking system that doesn’t impact the racking area
  • Doors are fitted front and rear on the cabinet with carefully concealed multipoint hinges and a protected multipoint locking system
  • On castor wheels for Mobility and allows customers to move their infrastructure when relocating to new premises

If you’re interested in purchasing the Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet, get in touch with Rack World Systems today. We can provide sound advice and information to help you make an informed purchasing decision.