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Cold Aisle Containment

Cold aisle containment systems are designed to contain and cool several cabinets or racks at once. Each unit is built with modular doors and roof kits that can easily be installed in your working environment. The system utilises your underfloor cooling, creating an energy efficient, temperature controlled environment for your cabinets.

We have cold aisle containment systems suitable for cabinets in a variety of different sizes. These include 2153mm h x 600mm w x 1000mm d, 2153mm h x 600mm w x 1200mm d, 2153mm h x 800mm w x 100mm d, and 2153mm h x 800mm w x 1200mm d.

If you need a custom-sized containment system, speak with our team and we can build one to your requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements or for any further information. Rack World Systems is dedicated to providing a cooler environment for your servers.