Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinet FAQs

  • Why Use a RWS Range of Rack Cabinets and what are the benefits of a Rack Cabinet?

  • How high is a RU (Rack Unit)?

  • What is the dimension across the front of rack mounted equipment?

  • What is the benefit of Extra Depth in a Cabinet, i.e./ 800 deep vs 900mm or deeper?

  • Why use front, rear & roof ventilation?

  • Are cabinets with ventilation from side panels ok?

  • Can I Custom build my Rack Cabinet with different Accessories?

IP Rating FAQs

  • What is an IP Rating?


  • What size UPS is suitable for a typical desktop system?

  • How do I determine which size UPS will support my equipment?

  • What is the advantage of UPS Monitoring and Shutdown Software?

  • What is the expected life of the UPS' internal batteries?

  • How long should my UPS last when the power has gone out and it is running on batteries?

  • What is the difference between Standby, Line-Interactive and True On-Line UPS?

  • What parts of a Local Area Network should be protected with a UPS?

  • Does a UPS require regular servicing or maintenance?