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The 48ru Server Rack

To make sure your communications and IT networks continue to function at their best, your system’s server needs to be operating perfectly as well. To help ensure this, your server should be stored within a temperature controlled and ventilated enclosure such as a server cabinet or rack. If you’re in the market for a 48ru sized server rack for your workplace, be sure to peruse the range available from Server Racks & Cabinets. Not only do we stock a great 48u cabinet range, but we also have a selection of accessories like the handy power distribution unit and a 48u cable tray.

How a 48ru Cabinet Can Benefit Your Server

Depending on the needs of your workplace or office, the 48u cabinet may be the ideal sized unit. All server racks provide great benefits; they enable you to house servers in a way that keeps them exposed to steady airflow to prevent overheating. When used in conjunction with a 48ru cable tray, a 48ru rack also allows you to keep all associated cables neat and tidy, making it easier and safer to perform scheduled maintenance.

Server Racks & Cabinets proudly supplies top quality 48ru racks, cable trays and more. Place your order today for prompt delivery right across Australia.